This year we went to Charleston a few days before the start of fiddle camp for a mini-vacation and to enjoy the pre-camp fiddle festival featuring camp instructors. Friday night’s lineup included Fletcher’s group class teacher from last year, Michelle George, who was also Lola’s master class teacher this summer as well as Lola’s favorite teacher Hazel Ketchum and Fletcher’s favorite teacher the amazing Ellen Lee. It was so neat to see the teachers perform with their bands, doing what they do when they aren’t in the classroom!

Saturday we visited the Charleston Museum, with it’s odd collection of taxidermy, war memorabilia and textiles. We had a great lunch at Five Loaves Cafe, visited the farmers market and the old city market with it’s sea grass baskets and tacky t-shirts, and caught a River Dogs baseball game. (It happened to be Christmas in July, thus the odd Santa pictures.) It was a nice lead-in to the week of fiddle camp. We had plans to visit the aquarium but ran out of time – something for next year!


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