fiddle camp 2013

You know when you do something, and it is wonderful – darn near perfect – and you can’t wait for the chance to do it again? But at the same time you think . . . maybe it won’t be as good this time? I worried about that a little going into our second year at the O’Connor Method Camp in Charleston. But camp did not disappoint. In fact, it was incredible.

There are so many things I could say about what makes this camp so amazing, but honestly for me, it comes down to one thing that makes all the difference in the world: one thing shared by all the energetic, caring teachers; one thing taught and encouraged across every single class in the camp; one thing seen night after night in the recitals and jam sessions, and seen morning after morning in the eager faces of every student. There is a deep sense of ownership of the music, of the shared history of the songs and the fluidity of their interpretation.  And with that sense of ownership the students discover artistic freedom. They are encouraged to change, mold, adapt the music – to improvise, to make it their own. And they do. From the very earliest beginners all the way up to the most accomplished professionals – the energy is unbelievable, and it comes from that one important thing that makes this camp so special: creativity. It is a beautiful thing to witness, and I have to believe that the creative thinking they are developing here will help them throughout their lives.

Not to mention, it’s a LOT of fun. We are already making plans for next summer!


9 responses to “fiddle camp 2013

  1. This is lovely and the photos are terrific. It was nice to share the experience with you! And you hit the nail on the head: What makes the camp so special is the focus on creativity.

  2. Hey there! My violin teacher/friend from Texas sent me this and asked, is that Abe in the 3rd picture? Cracked me up to see that it was. I hope you had a safe trip home. Camp was awesome!!

  3. I hope so, too. I’m contemplating taking guitar and voice for myself or staying in Abe’s classes to poke him every time he gets off track. Which sounds more fun? (ha!)

    • Tracy, I’m hoping by next summer Fletcher won’t need *quite* so much poking to stay on track! Raymond enjoyed the guitar class this year, and Lola Gray LOVED the voice class. We are ready to go back tomorrow!!

  4. Amazing. I love this. You live so well. I’m totally in awe of you and your family.

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