Monthly Archives: September 2013


For the past week, a group of Tibetan monks have been in residence at the Jepson Center, creating an intricate sand mandala. Raymond and the kids went down on Saturday to watch them work, and the kids even got the chance to use some of the monks’ tools and explore the process, which they loved. I had to work an admissions event and couldn’t join them, but Raymond took lots of photos.

Sunday afternoon we went back to the museum and joined over 1,000 other spectators as the monks ceremonially destroyed the mandala and then carried it to the river. The place was packed, and my view looked like the photo below:

But honestly, that was ok. It forced me to put down the camera and focus instead on the amazing, echoing chanting of the monks as they prayed and swept up the sand painting they had worked so hard to create. It was a beautiful experience.

The kids managed to squeeze their way up to the front and were literally standing right next to the monks. Fletcher took some great photos and video where you can really see how close he was, and Raymond got some nice video over the crowd as well. I particularly love hearing Lola’s sweet whisper at the end of Fletcher’s video. Man do I have great kids!

These last 2 photos are from the newspaper’s Spotted section – you can see Fletcher right up front next to the monks.

Hanging on for the ride

The fall is always so busy around here, and this year has been no exception. Our days are full of school and work and play, and though it is still muggy and the cicadas continue to sing, the lazy days of summer are fading in our memories. Instead there are daily walks home from school, slow and sluggish in the September heat, where the kids chat with their friends, visit all the neighborhood dogs, and occasionally find friendly critters to keep them company along the way. Lola Gray has started orchestra and continues to improve by leaps and bounds. Fletcher had a self-portrait in an art exhibition and has renewed passion for drawing. There have been visits with friends, trips to the park, birthday parties and sleepovers. There has been blissfully little homework but lots and lots of music.

Just ordinary life. And yet I find myself continuously overwhelmed by how extraordinary it is. I am so lucky to share my life with such amazing people.

weekend visitors!

Last weekend we had visitors! Grandmama came to Savannah and brought Auntie M and cousins Claire and baby Art along as well! The main point of the visit was to sew a dress for Lola Gray to wear for Aunt Boo’s wedding, but we managed to squeeze in a little fun as well. We all loved meeting baby Art, and Lola was thrilled to have her only girl cousin to play dolls and dress up and music with.