2nd grade Field Trip

Last week I was able to tag along with the JGS 2nd grade as they took a walking tour of downtown Savannah. We learned about General Oglethorpe, Yamacraw Chief Tomochichi, and the founding of Savannah. We saw the cobblestones on River Street which were once the ballast on ships sailing from England. We saw the spot where General Oglethorpe lived in a tent for 2 years until every other colonists had built their home, then we visited the location where he built his house (now the US Customshouse.) We visited Tomochichi’s grave and learned about Mary Musgrove and Toonahawi, and then we walked to Forsyth Park for a picnic lunch. It was a lot of walking, but the weather was beautiful and I was so happy to spend the day with my best girl and her sweet friends. And I learned something about the history of my city to boot!!


3 responses to “2nd grade Field Trip

  1. What a great fieldtrip!!! Who’s that lady in the back in the peach shirt? She look so familiar but I can’t place her. Lola Gray is getting so big!

    • LG has gotten big, hasn’t she Jennifer? I might need to stack some heavy books on her head to slow her down a little! 🙂

      The woman in the photos is Terese Truax.

      • Jennifer Hodge

        Aha! She worked for me at MUMC for a brief time before I changed jobs! Knew I knew her somehow! Yes–get the books out!!

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