Wedding weekend

My baby sister got married over the weekend. It’s strange, because in my head she is still 6 years old, as she was when I left home for college. It’s strange, because she lives across the ocean now and I have only met the man she married twice, including this weekend. But she is married, none the less. It was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful weekend (aside from the most humiliating wedding toast fail on my part, which is still making me cringe 4 days later – I really hope that starts to fade soon . . .)


4 responses to “Wedding weekend

  1. Ann-Michael Waldvogel

    No cringe necessary at all!! looking back on it all with nothing but fondness. thank you for everything.

  2. I had such an amazing time this past weekend! Thank you all for such a wonderful time. I wish it wasn’t over.Great memories! Lots of hugs to wonderful sisters (nieces).

  3. Great pictures. It was a beautiful weekend and I’m sorry it’s over too.

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