Halloween tricks and treats

Our fall has been so crazy this year, I feel like October just slipped past almost un-noticed. We only managed to get out a fraction of our Halloween decorations this year,  but the kids helped put up the mice on the stairs and spiderwebs on the bushes, and even though Raymond was out of town we managed to get our pumpkins carved before Halloween Day. I consider that a big success!

And the kids’ costumes this year were definitely a big success! Fletcher knew from the start that he wanted to be Lucario – his favorite Pokemon of the moment. Lola Gray took a bit longer deciding, but finally settled on being a cloud. We made both costumes, a decision I was cursing in the weeks leading up to Halloween when I had waaaaaay too much on my plate and was totally overwhelmed. But in the end, both costumes turned out fantastically well (despite the fact that Lola lost fluff all over the neighborhood), and the kids were thrilled. They had by far the most creative costumes I saw that night, but then, I have by far the most creative kids I know so that shouldn’t be a surprise.

As an extra treat, the kids were able to wear costumes to school on Halloween day, something they have never done before. The costumes had to be book characters, so Fletcher’s Lucario worked but Lola’s cloud did not. Instead, she chose to be Lola from Charlie and Lola! A more perfect costume for her I can not imagine.

We missed having Raymond home for Halloween and trick-or-treating, but I know next year will be here before we know it. I think we might need to revive the Gaddy Halloween party in 2014!


One response to “Halloween tricks and treats

  1. Brava on the costumes!!!

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