Polar vortex = “snow” on Tybee

It has been bitter cold the past few days. Highs in the 30s and lows in the teens kind of cold, and while that may be common in some parts of the country it is not something we in coastal Georgia are used to handling! Our poor old house hasn’t warmed up past 60 degrees for days, even with the heater running non-stop. The chickens have been sleeping in the studio where it is at least a tiny bit warmer. Dressing the kids for school in below freezing weather requires some creativity – particularly given the fact that Fletcher doesn’t own a single long-sleeved uniform shirt and Lola Gray doesn’t own a single pair of uniform pants!

But while the cold weather may make things a bit more complicated, it has also offered some amazing winter moments that one doesn’t often see in Savannah! The fountains in Forsyth Park froze. Across the neighborhood there are several, magical ice covered yards where the owners ‘forgot’ to turn off their sprinkler systems over night. And on Tybee Island, Huc-a-poos restaurant built a sledding ramp, made snow, and invited everyone to come give it a whirl. The kids and I headed out there right after school on Tuesday and spent the afternoon sledding. It was soooooo much fun, and the smiles on Fletcher and Lola’s faces were priceless. As much as I love living in Savannah, I continue to mourn the fact that my children will never know the joy of snow days and the winter wonderland that was such a magical part of my childhood. Being able to share crazy experience like this one makes it easier – and I hope in some way their odd sledding experiences will be all the more memorable because they are so rare.



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