Georgia Day Parade!

Each year the school children of Savannah gather to celebrate James Oglethorpe’s landing in Savannah, thus founding both the city of Savannah and the state of Georgia. At our elementary school, it is the 2nd graders who get the honor of dressing like colonial settlers or native Americans and parading through downtown to the historic site on the river where our state began. When Fletcher walked in the parade 2 years ago, it was held on a Friday but this year we were not so lucky – the parade was on Wednesday during one of my teaching days. Ugh. The thought of not being there to see my girl was crushing – to both of us! I tried to assuage my guilt by sewing her a (pretty fabulous) colonial costume – I remember how much I loved the colonial costume my grandmother made for me when my 2nd grade class visited Williamsburg. Lola was appropriately thrilled with her costume and full of excitement for the parade. And, luckily for me, the timing worked out so that I could slip away between classes and see my sweet girl walk past in the parade!! The surprise on her face when she saw me was wonderful. Raymond was actually able to see her pass by in the parade twice! I know that, eventually, there will be events in Lola’s life that I miss, times when I am not able to be there. And I know she will be just fine. But I am so glad that this was not one of those times.


2 responses to “Georgia Day Parade!

  1. Love it! Great job on the dress! So glad I bumped into you!

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