Spring at last!!

Man, what a winter we have had! Even here in Savannah it has seemed to drag on forever. But right in time for the kids’ spring break, Savannah brought on spring as only it can. The temperatures have been amazing, sitting right around the upper 70s in the beautifully warm but not to hot range that makes you want to stay outside forever. Sadly, Raymond and I are still working this week, but I was off Tuesday so the kids and I headed to Tybee for the first beach trip of the year.

The sun felt glorious, but the water was freezing. We ate a picnic “lunch” of boiled peanuts purchased roadside. Fletcher and I lounged, but Lola is my water baby and spent the whole time running and splashing and grinning ear to ear. I love the way that child sparkles.

As an early birthday present, the kids gave me a special “spa treatment” complete with a custom dug seat, a pool of icy water, and an intense leg massage including an exfoliating sand and salt scrub. My legs were still burning when I woke up today, but it was totally worth it. What amazing kids I have.

Happy spring break, y’all!!


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