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Alpine Helen

For our Bear on the Square weekend, we decided to stay at a hotel in nearby Helen, Georgia. Helen is a tiny little town which remade itself in the late 1960’s to resemble an Alpine village in order to draw tourists. It seems to be working – it got us there! We spent Saturday evening wandering the main street and browsing the kitsch filled shops. The highlight for the kids may have been hopping rocks in the Chattahoochee River – at least until Lola fell in and was nearly swept downstream!

Lola and I fantasized about spending our summer in the country near Helen, with wide, green fields and cool , shady trees.  That won’t happen this summer, but I have a feeling we will be making a return trip to Helen at some point to visit the Cabbage Patch Kids at Babyland General Hospital, pan for gold in the site of America’s first gold rush, and to go hiking and tubing in the Unicoi State Park.


Bear on the Square 2014

This past weekend we grabbed the kids and their fiddles and escaped to the mountains of north Georgia for a weekend of bluegrass and old time music at Bear on the Square. Once again, the kids couldn’t get enough of playing their fiddles on the street. And once again, they drew crowds.

This year Fletcher had the opportunity to take an old-time fiddle class with Erynn Marshall, which was absolutely the highlight of his weekend. I’m guessing he was the youngest in the class by a good 25 years or more, but he held his own and left the class buzzing with excitement. No wonder, really, since she was seriously amazing and had a wonderful rapport with him. He is now begging for us to let him do lessons with her via Skype!

Go Gnats!

Last weekend we finally made it to our first baseball game of the season! Once again there are rumors that this may be the last season our beloved Sand Gnats play in historic Grayson Stadium. I can’t begin to express how that saddens me. We adore this old stadium – honestly, it’s charm and ease are 90% of the reason we go to so many games! I hope the rumors don’t amount to anything, but just in case we will go to as many games as possible this year. Go Gnats!

Easter Eggs – better late than never

Another beautiful Easter


Egg Hunt

It has rained steadily for two days now, but there was no way these kids were going to let that dampen their enthusiasm for the 2014 APCCNA and First Presbyterian Church Easter Egg Hunt! We have done this every year since Fletcher could walk, and I truly love it.

This year, despite the rain, may go down as one of my favorites ever. Just when I was afraid Fletcher might be getting a little too old for this event, I saw him “secretly” dropping eggs out of his own basket for his little kindergarten friend Max to find. He is growing up to be a really sweet, compassionate boy, and I could not be more proud of him.

Sunday at Tybee

Why can’t we do this every day?