Boat day!

I am so behind on my blog posts! The whole back to school thing is kind of a bummer if you ask me. I really miss having my kiddos around all day. And I’m just not quite up to speed with the afternoon hustle and bustle of homework, violin practice, snacks and dinner and bath time and bedtime. Ugh. The other night as I was tucking Lola Gray into bed, she told me through tears that she just really missed her freedom now that school was back in session.

I know how she feels.

But lucky for us, we have excellent friends who know how to keep that feeling of freedom and summer fun going despite the start of school! Being out on the water is one of the best things about life in the Coastal Empire, and Raymond and I often wish we could afford a boat of our own. But having friends with a boat may be even better!

Thank you, Heidels, for a perfect and beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon outing!


2 responses to “Boat day!

  1. I don’t know how I am just seeing this, but I love it! That was so fun, and I’m ready to do it again!

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