And finally, a return to the Magic Kingdom

We’ve been back for weeks now, and I’m just getting our last photos from Disney World posted. Re-entry after a Disney trip is always hard . . . somehow posting these last photos makes it really final. The trip is over. But oh, what a trip it was!

Our last park day was, of course, a visit to the Magic Kingdom. We had a few special things planned – breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table (so exciting to finally go inside Cinderella’s castle!!) and lunch at Be Our Guest (Beast’s castle complete with magic rose, enchanted windows and lots of fun Disney touches – try the grey stuff; it’s delicious!) But we prepared Lola ahead of time for the fact that we would not be able to stand in line for hours to meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen. So perhaps the biggest surprise of the day came 5 minutes after the park opened when we found ourselves 3rd in line to meet the Queen and Princess of Arendale!! Lo was thrilled. We probably could have gone home right then and called it a successful day.

Fletcher is a really good sport about the princess stuff, but for him Disney is all about the rides. This year we discovered the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom game, and interactive game with trading cards of magic spells where you race around the park battling Disney villains. I think he could have done nothing else all day and been perfectly happy. But then, of course, he would miss the roller coasters!

The kids were already asking when we can go back before we left the park for the night. My guess is it will be a while before we return – we have some other adventures on the horizon . . . But I certainly hope it isn’t too long!



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