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Last Sunday, our church presented Bibles to all third graders. It seems like just yesterday these kids were in preschool together, taking their first communion together. My how time flies!

By the way, the bible Lola is holding in the first pictures was presented to Raymond when he was in 3rd grade.


Halloween 2014

We have been trick-or-treating with the Rabbs, Heidels and Normans for years now. Halloween is better with friends.


Lola Lola Jellyfish

My sweet Lola Gray had two costumes this year – her Madeline costume for the Halloween concert, and this lovely jelly fish for Halloween night. It was supposed to be a bioluminescent jellyfish, but out glow sticks didn’t work. It didn’t matter a bit. I had a matching jellyfish, though mine wasn’t quite as fancy. Lola has always wanted us to do matching costumes, and I’m so glad we found a way to pull it off this year!



My favorite part of Halloween is making costumes for the kids. Maybe especially for Fletcher, because it seems as he gets older there are fewer and fewer things I can make for him. He wanted to be Link from Legend of Zelda this year, so I made his tunic, hat, belts, boots and gauntlets. Raymond made him the most amazing wooden sword – I don’t know if you can tell in the photos but he even painted the blade to look like metal. It was incredible.

At one point while I was fitting the costume (even before the sword was made) Fletcher looked at himself in the mirror and said “Wow! It’s even better than I thought it would be!” That and the smile on his face are all the thanks I could ever need.

Halloween concert in photos



Halloween concert!

We kicked off Halloween a week early, with the kids performing in the Armstrong Youth Orchestra Halloween concert. The kids performed in costume, which you can’t see in the videos below, but it was adorable. Lola is playing with both the Debut and Lyric Strings ensembles, which meant she played nine songs for the concert! Fletcher has moved up to the Lyric Youth Orchestra, which is his first full orchestral experience. He seems to really be enjoying the addition of the brass, woodwinds and percussion, and the music they are playing is far more complex and interesting. The first three videos below are Fletcher’s group playing Aboriginal Rhythms, Into the Storm, and Rockin’ Halloween. The last three are Lola’s group.

Though you can’t see either of them in the videos, Fletcher dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda and Lola Gray was Madeline.