Still thankful

There have been a lot of changes in the Waldvogel family recently. Things I’m not ready to put down in writing yet. Things that bring into focus what is really important in life, and how everything can change even when you think it never will. But despite the changes, or maybe because of them, I found myself incredibly grateful for our Thanksgiving holiday in Virginia. Thankful for children with strong legs and strong lungs and the desire to run, even on a chilly morning when it would have been easier to stay in their pajamas. Thankful for cousins who pick right back up where they left off, despite the months and miles that separate them. Thankful for time with my sisters, for bowling and selfies and grilled cheese at Pops. Thankful for my incredible husband who is such a stable and calming force in the middle of the crazy drama. Despite all the sadness and loss in the world, despite the illusions that shatter and leave ugly reality in their wake, despite everything that is beyond my control and beyond my understanding, I still find myself surrounded by goodness and love and laughter and beauty. And for that, I am overwhelmingly thankful.


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  1. Great pictures!

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