Oh Holy Night

I love Christmas Eve. After all the gifts have been wrapped and the cookies baked, but before the paper is torn off and Christmas secrets revealed . . . Christmas Eve is this beautiful pause, where everyone holds their breath in delicious, quiet anticipation. As exciting as Christmas morning is for the children, as much as I adore our Christmas afternoon oyster roast with friends, it is Christmas Eve that holds all the magic for me.

And our Christmas Eve this year was perfect.

Fletcher reprised his role as a wise man in the Christmas Eve tableau at church for the last time, and Lola Gray took on a new role as Gabriel. The candlelight service never fails to bring me to tears. After there was an amazing, candlelit dinner on the good china, with lasagna Raymond made from scratch (even the pasta!) and pumpkin pie made by our budding chef, Fletcher. With the kids already in their Christmas pajamas, the meal was the perfect mix of fancy and comfortable. Fletcher said he felt rich, sitting at the table with all the fancy china and crystal. I felt rich too, though the wealth came less from the trappings of the meal and more from the amazing people sitting around the table with me.


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