So long, 2014! We’re going to Disney World.

2014 was not my favorite year. Not by a long shot.

2014 was the year of P.A.N.D.A.S. , a year of constant stress and worrying and watching and waiting and doubting. It started in January and ate it’s way mercilessly through 6 solid months. And even once summer arrived and the worst was behind us, I held on to the worry and the panic, held on when I should have been able to move forward, struggled to let go of the “whys” and the “what ifs”. And of course, there were other dark smudges obscuring the shiny surface of our year, sordid, greasy smears that threatened to take away Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas . . .

Yep. 2014 tested our mettle, that’s for sure.

But you know, we made it through. We, as a family, are stronger than all that mess swirling around us. We kicked 2014’s butt! And to celebrate, we packed up the car and headed to Disney World’s Fort Wilderness campground to ring in the new year with good friends.

It wasn’t as warm as we hoped for, and it drizzled on us pretty much constantly. But there was swimming and biking and golf cart rides through the campground, campfire sing-alongs with Chip & Dale, movies under the stars and a New Year’s Eve beach party with fireworks so amazing they brought me to tears.

So. Out with the old and in with the new. Welcome 2015! Bring it on. No matter what you throw at us, we can take it.



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