Legoland again

Our sweet Fletcher is turning 11 in a few days (eleven!!) and for his birthday this year, he asked to go to LEGOland. Actually, he’s been asking pretty much every year since the last time we went. The kid is LEGO crazy. This year, we made it happen.

The weather wasn’t great, but it didn’t matter at all. We surprised Fletcher with a secret meet-up with his buddy Henry and the entire Wade family, which was great. We joined forces for an incredible Mindstorms robotic class (seriously the most fun thing we did all day) and spent a few fun hours with them before they headed on to south Florida for New Years. The Gaddys stuck it out in the park until almost the bitter end, rounding out the day with plenty of rides, a fun 4D movie, a tour of mini-land after dark, and some amazing fireworks complete with glasses that made the fireworks look like exploding LEGO bricks!


3 responses to “Legoland again

  1. Why didn’t you post my GoPro video of “The Dragon” Roller Coaster? I would’ve given it to you!

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