Savannah Ogeechee Canal

Family time seems to be hard to come by lately. The kids have become incredibly independent, which is a great thing . . . . but it means most they drop their school bags by the door and shout “I’m going to a friend’s house!” and out the door they go again. My time with them is spent fussing about homework and violin practice and showers. And I realize that the older they get, the more this will be the case. (Though I hope I can stop fussing about homework and bathing one of these days!) So now, while I can, I want squeeze in as much fun family time as possible!

Sunday afternoon we headed out for a walk at the Savannah Ogeechee Canal, a canal built in 1830 to connect the Savannah and Ogeechee Rivers, allowing southern plantations to move their stores of rice, wheat and lumber quickly and more safely to market. In 1862, General Sherman’s army camped in the area where the canal meets the Ogeechee River, before attacking Fort McAllister, a few miles to the east. Today the canal serves mostly as a nature preserve. There is a tiny museum (where we found baby gopher tortoises!) and an area where scout troops can camp – something I think we will be doing later this spring!



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