March is my month, and not just because it is my birthday month (which helps.) March is full-on spring in Savannah. Grapefruit blossoms and azaleas and yellow-green pollen coating every surface. Windows open. Sweaters off. The end of the school year finally in sight. March is good.

This March was even better than most. First, my incredible, amazing, wonderful and very sneaky husband planned a surprise birthday party for me. Which he told me about – leading me to believe he wasn’t so sneaky after all . . . until the doorbell rang on the day of the party and I opened it to find my very dearest friend in the entire world flown in from northern Virginia for a whirlwind visit! I cried. I might cry again right now thinking about it. It was the best birthday ever.

The rest of the month breezed by in a flurry of activity: St. Patrick’s Day festivities, visits from NayNay and Grandaddy, and a conference trip to chilly Indianapolis (including a very memorable dinner with artist Wayne White in the back room of a bakery) during which the stomach bug took down first Lola Gray and then Fletcher – thank goodness Grandmama Frankie was in Savannah to take care of everyone!







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