30 Days in Rome: day 5 at the beach

We haven’t really been in Rome long enough to need an escape from the city, but Friday arrived with nothing on the schedule so we decided to hop a train for a day at the beach. We toyed with the idea of going somewhere new – there are so many possibilities along the coast near Rome – but in the end the kids wanted to return to Anzio, the beach town we visited on our last trip to Rome.

After an easy one hour train ride, we found ourselves in tiny Anzio on a narrow strip of beach, our toes in the chilly Tyrrhenian Sea. We sprung for two beach chairs and an umbrella at a private beach, something we had never done before and which we thoroughly enjoyed. The kids dug in the sand, waded in the water, and search for sea glass. I lounged. Raymond drew. We read lots of Harry Potter – finishing The Half Blood Prince and starting on The Deathly Hallows. It was easy and relaxed and lovely.

The best part of the day came at the very end, when a boy approached Fletcher and asked, in Italian, if he wanted to play soccer. It was clear that Fletcher wanted too, but he was worried that he misunderstood the boy and didn’t know what to do. Lucky for all, it turns out the boy, a sweet eleven year old named Luigi, spoke pretty good English! The Fletcher and Luigi were joined pretty quickly by another boy, Marco, and kicked the ball around for half an hour or so. The Italian boys were shocked and amazed that we were from America. It was adorable, and Fletcher had a huge grin on his face the whole time.


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