30 Days in Rome: day 23

It’s amazing how quickly 30 days can pass, and suddenly we find ourselves with only a few more days in Rome and so many things we still want to do! Tuesday afternoon (after climbing the dome of St. Peter’s basilica in the morning) we hopped on the metro and rode well out of the ancient heart of Rome until we found ourselves in a very unremarkable area along the side of a busy road. With the help of a very friendly Italian man who pointed us in the right direction, we shortly found ourselves walking down a dirt road past fields and grazing sheep until, suddenly, acquedotti!

Rome’s Parco degli Aquedotti (Aqueduct Park) is a public park, really nothing more than a few trails and a long stretch of protected land surrounding some of the many aqueducts than once brought water into ancient Rome. Thousands of years later, they are still a magnificent sight, and it was a lovely break to get out of the hustle and bustle of Rome for a while. We enjoyed the walk, the sweet smell of the grass, and the cool breeze of an approaching storm, the hopped back on the Metro and headed home. These are the things that 30 days in a place affords one, and I am doing my best to remember each and every day just how lucky we are to be here.


2 responses to “30 Days in Rome: day 23

  1. Enjoying your blog! Have you gone to the Hadid designed ‘Art of the 21st Century” (I think that is the name) museum?

    • Hi Lois! The museum is the MAXII, and we have been there in the past but didn’t make it this trip. Too many things to see and do!!

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