30 Days in Rome: Arrivederci Roma!

It’s hard to believe our month in Rome has come to an end, but believe it or not here we are! We spent Sunday afternoon and evening in the beautiful gardens of Tivoli, followed by a wonderful group farewell dinner on top of a hill. You haven’t seen a sun set until you have seen the sun setting over Rome, the lights of the city twinkling and the dome of St. Peter’s a tiny silhouette on the horizon. It is truly magical, and photos can’t come close to doing it justice – I won’t even try.

Monday was a day of packing and wrapping up loose ends. We slipped in a quick visit to the church of St. Peter in Chains to view Michelangelo’s Moses, then the Basilica of San Clemente before a lovely lunch across the street from Sant’Ignazio (which of course we had to visit one last time!)

We are tired, and dirty, and ready to move on – but not really ready to leave. This has been such an amazing adventure! At the farewell dinner, each of the students stood and told the group their favorite experience of the trip. It really made me think about what was the most special to me on this journey – no small feat given this has been nothing short of a series of amazing experiences. I loved going to Capri, I loved our time in Venice, but I think my favorite memories of the month are these two: watching Lola’s excitement as she soaked in the frescoes at Oplontis, happily snapping photos of each detail that caught her eye, and listening to Fletcher playing tour guide at St. Peter’s for Aunt Boo, relaying art historical information just like his daddy. They were really paying attention. They weren’t bored by the endless churches and museums and archeological sites. What amazing kids. It really hit me this afternoon as we were walking through Sant’Ignazio again and the kids were marveling again at the amazing ceiling, and I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of it all – the church, my family, this experience. I burst into tears right there in the church. What a gift this month has been!

But now it’s time to say Arrivederci, Roma. In the morning we leave for a few days in Amsterdam and then back home to Savannah!!


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