Monthly Archives: August 2015

hasta luego

Saying goodbye stinks. Like, really, really, really stinks. But we have had to do it anyway. Our dear friends have moved to Costa Rica for a year long adventure full of spectacular beaches and howler monkeys and . . .well . . . adventure. And it is going to be amazing. I am in awe, and I am heartbroken. We miss them like crazy, and they’ve only been gone a week!

Fortunately, there is internet in Costa Rica so Lola Gray has already been able to Face Time with her sweet friend. I hope that is something they can do on a regular basis. Plus we will see each other when they return for Christmas. And who knows, if we win the lottery we might even hop down to Costa Rica for a visit before the year is up. But in the mean time, I miss my friend.



I blinked. And suddenly, my tiny, sweet baby boy is in middle school. Middle school! And my beautiful baby girl  isn’t a baby anymore either – she’s a 4th grader! It’s crazy, but true. So, here’s to 4th and 6th grades being the best grades yet!

Hang Ten

Surf’s up, dude! What better way to send summer off in style, than with a surf lesson with friends and Savannah’s surf guru, Hot Sushi! Both kids took to it right away, though Fletcher was far more enthusiastic than Lola. Something tells me there is more surfing in our future . . .


St. Augustine

It has been a summer full of travel for us, across 3 different countries, but sometimes you don’t have to travel far from home to find yourself a world away. We wrapped up summer just a few miles down the coast in St. Augustine, Florida with the Gaddy clan. The beach was spectacular – wide and clean and nearly empty. We rode waves, collected diggers, saw a shark and dolphins and a manatee, found a beautiful star fish and lots of not so beautiful sand fleas – we even witnessed the excavation of a turtle nest. Plus there were aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents, lots of ice cream and nightly movies on the big back porch. Oh if only summer could last forever!!