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He blinded me with SCIENCE!

I’ll admit to you now, one of the hardest things for me, when Fletcher decided on The STEM Academy at Bartlett as his middle school of choice, was the inevitability of more science fairs in our future. Ugh. The 5th grade science fair was not kind to Fletcher, though I honestly couldn’t understand why because I had thought his project was pretty darn interesting. So clearly, I was missing something. Again, ugh.

But lucky for all of us, STEM has a dedicated research class where students learn the scientific method and how to conduct research. When all was said and done, we felt like Fletcher had pulled together a pretty good project. His title was “Stopping Taylor Swift” and the premise was figuring out which common household materials have the best sound reducing qualities so he didn’t have to listen to his sister’s music. Pretty clever, no?

Apparently, very clever. Because not only did his school select his project to move on to the regional competition at Savannah State University, but at the regional he scored high enough to move on to the state level competition in Athens at the University of Georgia!!

And are you ready for the real kicker? At the Georgia Science & Engineering Fair, our boy spent a very long day standing next to his project while judges circulated and interviewed each student and scored each project, and it seems they liked what they saw and heard – Fletcher not only won Best in Category for Middle School Material Sciences, he also won the Director’s Choice Award!!!

Once again, this kid simply amazes me. I guess he knew what he was doing when he picked the science school over the art school, huh?




I blinked. And suddenly, my tiny, sweet baby boy is in middle school. Middle school! And my beautiful baby girl  isn’t a baby anymore either – she’s a 4th grader! It’s crazy, but true. So, here’s to 4th and 6th grades being the best grades yet!

Graduation (sob!)

He’s a middle schooler now. That’s going to take some getting used to! I could not be prouder of this crazy kid. He is smart as a whip, earning awards of excellence in every single subject, scoring the highest reading level in the grade, and earning the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence. But even more than his academic achievement, I am proud of the incredible person he has become, of his silliness and his kindness, of his persistence and his convictions. I love the fact that he can talk non-stop for hours and that he has the confidence to be goofy (see the video of his graduation exit below!) I love that our house is constantly full of his sweet friends. And I really love the fact that I don’t seem to embarrass him yet.

So, on to bigger and better things! He is ready. And it’s happening even if I’m not ready, so I guess I better get on board!



May Day

One of the most lovely Savannah traditions is the May Day celebration at Massie, Savannah’s first school. What could be better than welcoming Spring with music, dancing and happy children?


Back to School

Third and fifth grades. I can hardly believe it!! Wasn’t it just yesterday that Fletcher was starting kindergarten?? And now, in the blink of an eye, he is starting his last year of elementary school. Crazy.

Georgia Day Parade!

Each year the school children of Savannah gather to celebrate James Oglethorpe’s landing in Savannah, thus founding both the city of Savannah and the state of Georgia. At our elementary school, it is the 2nd graders who get the honor of dressing like colonial settlers or native Americans and parading through downtown to the historic site on the river where our state began. When Fletcher walked in the parade 2 years ago, it was held on a Friday but this year we were not so lucky – the parade was on Wednesday during one of my teaching days. Ugh. The thought of not being there to see my girl was crushing – to both of us! I tried to assuage my guilt by sewing her a (pretty fabulous) colonial costume – I remember how much I loved the colonial costume my grandmother made for me when my 2nd grade class visited Williamsburg. Lola was appropriately thrilled with her costume and full of excitement for the parade. And, luckily for me, the timing worked out so that I could slip away between classes and see my sweet girl walk past in the parade!! The surprise on her face when she saw me was wonderful. Raymond was actually able to see her pass by in the parade twice! I know that, eventually, there will be events in Lola’s life that I miss, times when I am not able to be there. And I know she will be just fine. But I am so glad that this was not one of those times.

2nd and 4th grades!

It was, quite literally the hottest day of the year, with temps topping out at a steamy 97. It was also the first day of the new school year for my sweet kiddos. I can’t quite wrap my brain around summer ‘ending’ and my babies entering second and fourth grades and yet it seems to be happening, ready or not. The kids, on the other hand, are thrilled. The first day of school was an overwhelming success and both are pretty sure this will be the best year yet.