Monthly Archives: May 2015

Graduation (sob!)

He’s a middle schooler now. That’s going to take some getting used to! I could not be prouder of this crazy kid. He is smart as a whip, earning awards of excellence in every single subject, scoring the highest reading level in the grade, and earning the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence. But even more than his academic achievement, I am proud of the incredible person he has become, of his silliness and his kindness, of his persistence and his convictions. I love the fact that he can talk non-stop for hours and that he has the confidence to be goofy (see the video of his graduation exit below!) I love that our house is constantly full of his sweet friends. And I really love the fact that I don’t seem to embarrass him yet.

So, on to bigger and better things! He is ready. And it’s happening even if I’m not ready, so I guess I better get on board!




Lola Gray was as beautiful as ever in her spring ballet recital. Next year she will not only be taking ballet class, but also jazz and after the Nutcracker she will begin pointe lessons (!!) which she is sooooo excited about.

May Day

One of the most lovely Savannah traditions is the May Day celebration at Massie, Savannah’s first school. What could be better than welcoming Spring with music, dancing and happy children?


Crossing over

See those sweet little faces in the photo above? Last week they became Boy Scouts. Not tigers or cubs, but full-on Boy Scouts. It happened in the blink of an eye.

Over the past five years my incredible (Eagle Scout) husband has wrangled and herded these crazy boys through the ranks of Cub Scouts. There has been a lot of wrestling and a lot of snacking and a lot of noise. And now, it’s over. Or rather, it is evolving.

The pack had a wonderful bridging ceremony, where the five Webelos literally and symbolically crossed a bridge from their Cub Scout pack to their new Boy Scout troop. It was beautiful, and my sweet Fletcher clearly felt the weight and importance of this step. He’s ready to move on. But it’s the end of a chapter, and that is always somewhat bittersweet.

The next week, Fletcher jumped right into life as a Boy Scout! I can’t believe how little the new Scouts look next to all those big kids!! Saturday he spent a full day at a 6 hour merit badge class to earn his First Aid badge. I am so proud of how eager is to follow in his father’s footsteps – all the way to Eagle Scout!