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Protected: Have I created monsters?

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My home town

My sister Ann-Michael, who lives in London, sent this video article from The Guardian newspaper (UK). It is supposed to be an example of how average American’s are approaching the upcoming presidential election, and to find average Americans in a swing section of a swing state they went to my hometown of Roanoke, Virginia. I have to say I find it a bit scary, especially the woman who says Sarah Palin has God’s word and that only God can solve our problems. Eeesh. The Guardian reporter will be in Roanoke for several weeks trying to get the scoop on what America REALLY thinks about McCain and Obama. I’ll post the updates as I find them.

(I’m having a hard time embedding the video clip. I’ll keep trying, but in the mean time here is a link to the video on the Guardian site.)

Getting ready for Halloween

Yes, I realize it is not yet October. But our next door neighbors put up their Halloween decorations today, and the kids and I needed a project while Raymond was out of town, so I thought what the heck. We pulled the box of Halloween goodies down from the attic, and the first thing out of the box was our favorite dancing ghost. It took me a while to get the camera, so I missed some of the best dance moves. Between Fletcher’s crazy boogie moves and Lola Gray’s fairy twirling dance, they had me in stitches. Too much fun.

Notice that in this second video Lola Gray is wearing a different outfit. The first one is (possibly?) her Halloween costume, the second is just an everyday costume. She refused to wear real clothes all day – we went to soccer, the mall, out to lunch and to the grocery store all in costume.

The places we are not

It was a beautiful day in London, according to Aunt Boo. Wish Flat Fletcher and Flat Lola would hurry up and get there already – we should have packed more sandwiches!

It was a great day in Tallahassee yesterday as well, when Uncle Raymond got to meet his new nephew Benjamin for the first time. Wish we all could have been there!

Lunch in the park

The weather has been so mercifully cool lately I can hardly stand it. It is a little crazy just how happy the cooler temperatures make me! We decided to enjoy being outdoors today, and had a picnic in the park with friends. The photo above is (from left to right) Polly, Anina, Lola Gray, Beck, Mina and Fletcher. Tristan, Francie and Max were around somewhere as well, but didn’t make it onto the swing for the photo.

In addition to visiting with everyone and getting to run around in the park, the kids got a HUGE treat when the street sweeper came around the park and stopped to hook up to a fire hydrant for more water! Are all preschoolers awed by street sweepers, or is it just this group? You would have thought a circus elephant had come wandering down the street! Tristan is particularly taken with street sweepers, so I imagine he is still talking about this one!

The man operating the sweeper was super nice to the kids – I’m sure it made his day as well. It’s not often any of us get treated like a rock star by a gaggle of 3 and 4 year olds!

This afternoon the kids and I went to the mall in search of fall clothes. We didn’t find any, but the search was fun. We wrapped up the trip with a visit to the soft play area. As we walked in, I commented to Fletcher that it wouldn’t be long before he reaches the maximum height and is too big for soft play. He looked up at me, a little surprised but a little excited, and said “Then will I be able to go to the ROUGH play area?” Cracked me up, but I guess it would be a logical progression in the mind of a 4-year-old!

Looooooong walk

This afternoon, Fletcher, Lola Gray and I took a long walk. No strollers. Just us walking in the neighborhood. The weather has been so lovely this week, it seemed like the right thing to do. Plus, I wanted to make sure everyone slept well tonight – LG took a short nap yesterday and then stayed up until nearly 9:45! No way we can let that continue!

Anyway, we walked about 10 blocks down Bull Street to the Victory Feed & Seed, and bought some plants for our winter garden. We bought broccoli, red leaf lettuce, collards (that is a treat for Raymond – I loathe collards) and red, yellow, and white onions. I have no idea what we will actually get to grow, but it was fun to pick out the veggies with the kids, and they are excited about getting them into the ground tomorrow.

I should have known better than to leave the stroller at home though. Fletcher was a trooper. He never complained and even carried the bag with the plants home from the Feed & Seed. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for Lola Gray. I ended up carrying her most of the way there and back! The girl has gotten FAR too heavy for me to carry her that long. Next time I’ll remember the stroller.

Gospel Brunch

Today we went to the Jepson Center, along with friends Melinda & Stu, for the monthly Gospel Brunch. The food was good, the music was great, and the kids had a ball. Ollie slept through most of it. Fletcher, Lola Gray and Anina spent most of their time in the children’s area playing, so the grown ups got to sit and eat and listen to the music. Not a bad arrangement! Our table was at the top of the stairs in the atrium, which made it easy for the kids to play without bothering the other diners and definitely cut down on the normal stress involved in taking kids out to eat. The photo above is precious little Anina enjoying the music. I wish I had been able to snap her dancing at the top of the stairs before venturing down to the landing! The second photo is from the first floor looking up; that is our table right at the top of the stairs. All in all it was lots of fun, and something I think we will try again in the future.