Glow balloons and swimming pools

Seriously, is there anything more fun than glow balloons in the swimming pool with your cousins on a beautiful June night? I don’t think so.

Wild Dunes 2014

Aaaaahhhhhhhhh . . . a week at the beach! Even with a full house of 12 (including 5 kids!) it was perfectly relaxing and exactly what I needed.

The Waldvogel family has been visiting Wild Dunes for 20 years now, and while a lot has changed (like the 7 additional wonderful people who weren’t part of the family 20 years ago!), a lot has stayed the same. We still love jumping the big waves, “digger races” at the water’s edge, drinks at the Grand Pavilion and breakfast at the Sea Biscuit. And of course, the new family tradition, introduced by Martin, of a huge and elaborate sand sculpture on the beach! But mostly we love a week to just all be together. Yeah for family vacation!

Look who came to Savannah!!

All the way from across the pond! So excited to have Ann-Michael and Martin in Savannah for a few days! We showed them a bit of downtown, a bit of the coastal marsh, made a quick stop for a picnic at the old Sheldon Church ruins, and then headed off to join the rest of the family at Isle of Palms for a week at the beach!


Goodbye school year, hello summer!

It’s hard to believe but we are already well into summer break down here! The end of the year parties and awards ceremonies are behind us, swim team is in full swing, and the Waldvogel family beach trip is mere days away! The kids and I are enjoying the slower pace of summer, though poor Raymond is still slogging through summer school. We’ve spent a lot of time at the pool, a lot of time with friends, and even managed to sneak in a little blackberry picking. Maybe we will surprise Raymond with a fresh blackberry crisp when he gets home from school!



My beautiful ballerina



Wednesday night was Lola Gray’s ballet recital, and once again she danced beautifully. We were all so happy that Grandmama was able to come for the recital, and even though it was a shirt visit she was also able to eat lunch at school with Lola and attend Fletcher’s end of year awards ceremony.

Wrapping up another school year

School is almost over, and the end of the year chaos is in full swing. There have been awards ceremonies and parties, the opening of the swimming pool and baseball with the Sand Gnats. Oh! And Fletcher modeled for a SCAD fashion design student, though not on the runway.

As we rush headlong towards summer, I am overwhelmed by how quickly this school year has passed. I just want to slow things down, at least for a few months, and enjoy a long and lazy summer with my loves.