Sunday at Tybee

Why can’t we do this every day?


There isn’t much in this world that is more important than friends. And old friends who might as well be family? Well, those are the best.

My best friend since forever came to spend a long weekend in Savannah and brought her amazing family with her. I love these people so much. I love how we can just pick right back up even though so many years and miles have tried to separate us.

As they drove away on Monday, Lola Gray tearfully made me promise that we would go visit them soon. Very soon.  I promise.


Race for the Cure

Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a runner. But my father and husband are, and my kids may turn out to be runners as well. I hope they do. I certainly want to give them the opportunity to be runners if they want to be.

So this past Saturday, we all laced up our sneakers and ran the Susuan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K! Raymond ran an unofficial personal best time of 24:58, and despite starting allllllll the way at the back of the pack, Lola Gray finished not long after him!! We aren’t sure when Fletcher finished, since we “misplaced” him at the finish line for at least 30 minutes, but he was happy as a clam so that’s all that matters. And I got to take a leisurely stroll with my oldest and dearest friend. Not a bad day at all.

Lola truly seems to have the running bug, so I think we will look for another 5K for her pretty soon – one where she can get an official time. Then I can stand on the side and yell “Run, Lola, Run!” One of these days she might actually get that reference . . .

Two steps forward, one step back

The last few months have been a blur for me. I have become so consumed with medications and diet and charting symptoms. I am wrapped up in worrying about preventing worst case scenarios, afraid to let myself be lulled into complacency by the relative normality of our daily life. And things are more or less normal. Except when they aren’t.

But meanwhile life moves on, and if I don’t remember to look up once in a while I could very well miss how wonderful things are, even in the midst of our current chaos. There has been music and art, sunshine, spring flowers and plenty of silliness. I have a hard time keeping things in perspective sometimes . . . but then that’s why I started this blog in the first place. When I’m in the thick of it, it is so easy to focus on the drudgery, the worry, the uncertainty. But when I look back at the reality of our daily lives, and I see those beautiful smiling faces . . . then I know that we are really doing ok.

NayNay & Grandaddy!!!

NayNay and Grandaddy came to visit for the weekend!!! Their visits are always too short, but we love having them down here. On Saturday we visited Oatland Island for the (rainy) Sheep to Shawl festival, which was fun despite the weather. But mostly we just hung out poolside at their hotel. It was lovely! The kids swam, Lola flew a kite by the river, there was an epic foosball battle . . . I wish we could do these things more often. We are already looking forward to having the entire Waldvogel family together in June for a week at the beach! Come on summer – we are waiting for you!!


Rainy St. Pat’s weekend

It was a rainy weekend for St. Patrick’s Day this year – the first one we can remember in a very long time. But we put on our rain gear and biked downtown for the Wade’s annual parade party none-the-less. This was Lola’s first year biking on her own, and she did great!


Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free: week 1

We have officially made it through our first week gluten, dairy and soy free! I can’t say it was easy exactly. It required a lot more thought from all of us, and we had more hurdles to jump than I expected (ice cream float science experiment at school? surprise birthday cake at orchestra? ice cream truck making surprise spring break visit to the neighborhood? chex mix at a friend’s house?) but all in all we did great.

What’s more, I swear I see positive changes in Fletcher already!

In honor of our new dietary adventure I have revived my old blog, Feeding the Family, and am updating it with all dairy, gluten and soy free recipes. Check it out if you are interested. The vegan chocolate frosting on my birthday cupcakes is seriously to die for!